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     07 October, 2002
    8:32 p.m.

    Big news, people! No, I mean, really really big news. Big, exciting, life changing news. Big exciting, life changing (in a good way) news. I'm moving to florida!! yee haw!! I'm so excited! the husband got a job making beaucoup buckage, like twice as much money as he makes now! and we get to live in Florida, which while in the southern part to the country, really isn't the south at all. we're moving to a real touristy part of the state, too, so theres always stuff to do besides sit around and watch the paint dry, which is what we do hear for fun. This is so exciting! The only only part that bugs me is leaving beanstalk baby. I love him a lot, and his parents have been so good to me. I hate so much to give up the job, but Christ! The new job makes 6,000 more a year than we make together right now! So I'm all...I gotta do this, an dI gotta do that...I got all this stuff I have to do. but right nwo, I gots to walk the dog! I'll be back.

    ack! my dog is being such a pain in the ass. stupid neighbors!

    I didn't exercise for like 5 days. Been busy, busy, busy! But I walked for 40 minutes tonight, and did 100 crunches, so I'm getting back on track.

    Man, my dandruff has gotten really bad lately. I wonder what else I can do besides use dandruff shampoo, cuz it's gotten reall old.

    I am frisky, frisky, frisky!

    Ho-lee shit! "Red Dragon" was so much better than "hannibal". Of course, taking a spiked dildo up the ass while an all ugly people choir hums the battle hymn of the republic while bumbing and grinding in saffron yellow robes with purple sashs and fat bastard from the austin powers movies stands in front of you saying, "you know you want my dick. it's the other, other, other white meat!" would be better than "Hannibal". But I really, really liked "Red Dragon". Ralph fines....and here I digress, what the fuck is up with his name?.....was excellent as the evil seriel killa. I was sort of concerned about how they would work Hannibal more into the story, but I knew they would cuz, I mean, Sir. Tony is a flesh eating hottie, ya know...but the way they did it was pretty cool. I particullary enjoyed sir. flesh eating hottie with a pony tail. tres cool!

    So, my HLM (golfwidow) got me an early, early, early Christmas present, the uncut DVD of Heavenly Creatures. I haven't watched it yet, but I am stoked for it. I think I'll watch it sat. night since I'm babysittying for people with a dvd. daemonchild didn't like it very much, said that the replaced scenes didn't really add much to the story, and she felt someof it even detracted. I will have to judge it sat, and you can bet I will not be shy at all about saying my opinion of it. One of my favorite diaries, marn is spear heading a movement that I think we should all get behind. International Cavorting Day! One day a year to have pure, mindless fun. We should all get on this bandwagon. and besides, if you do, she'll link you in her diary, and she has bazoodles of readers!

    So, I saw Red Dragon, I had an excellent dinner, I did my part to support International Cavorting Day, and I'm moving to someplace infintly cooler than the butt pimple I have been living in for the last 13 years. How was your weekend????